Welcome to Ella es Mala

We’ve waited a long time to say that, and we’re probably a little too excited about it!

Ella es Mala (She is Mean) isn’t what it sounds like. We’re not mean girls who won’t let you sit with us. In fact, it’s the opposite. With your help, we’re about to create the biggest girl squad since the Spice Girls chanted Girl Power.

The reality is we’re all so different from what we’re used to seeing and we’re sick of it. We want high end fashion on regular bitches like us! We want to figure out how to do our makeup when our pores are expanding as quickly as our waist line. We want to not have to take everything so damn seriously. And we want to use a fuckin selfie stick and not be judged!

We’re not all size 2 or size 16, but some of us are and some of us fall right in the middle. We were tired of feeling left out in the fashion world, being told we weren’t cool enough. Wear this, eat that, listen to this… It was exhausting. So we teamed up, and started Ella es Mala, a site where content from all can be shared and hailed.

Our site is a place where we’ll laugh at ourselves, complain loudly and encourage more. We’ll focus on shopping and fashion (because it’s what we know best) but who knows what will unfold. Ella es Mala was created for all of us, and as we all evolve so will the content, and that’s what makes us so excited. Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Pop Culture, Food, Travel, Work, LIFE!

We can’t wait to introduce this new platform to the world and share all our thoughts, ideas and shopping adventures! But mostly, we’re excited to have all of you on the ride with us!

Ella es Mala is the normal or dare we say basic (dun dun duuuuun) girls new favorite online magazine. With contributors from all walks of life, you’ll get stories and editorials that speak to you. And if you’re anything like us, you’re a woman who loves runway fashion, unbearable shoes, and iced coffee. Or your a girl who hums Dolly Parton as you shove your heels into a tote and head to work. Or maybe your a lady who watches way too many hours of kittens on YouTube and falls asleep with bags of potato chips in your bed. But most likely,  you’re just a chick whose seen all the posts on your Instagram feed and still has time to kill. Regardless, we think you’ll have an awesome time! So grab your chai tea lattes in Starbucks holiday cups and stay tuned for what we think will be an incredible journey.

Can’t wait to meet you this fall!

Love always,

The Ella es Mala Team

P.S. In the meantime, feel free to keep in touch